Time & Attendance

Employee costs are the largest component of a company’s security budget. By using the free OnGuard Time and Attendance function your control room can ensure that sites are correctly manned, eliminating the risks of buddy clocking.

Each OnGuard patrol system has an integrated Time and Attendance feature which assimilates with your site’s Guard Rostering and Stay Awake function. This allows for control room web monitoring and attendance verification, resulting in accurate and up-to-the-minute time sheets.

To make use of the Time and Attendance service, simply issue each guard with an inexpensive BLUE iButton. The guard will tag the Control unit when he comes on shift. “Clocking IN “will be displayed on the screen.

Should he guard forget to bring his tag to work, the control room, using the monitoring interface, can clock the guard in, retrospectively if necessary.

Should the guard forget to clock out after work, the control room monitoring interface will warn the controllers that the site is overstaffed and the guard can clock the guard out retrospectively.

What about buddy clocking? OnGuard does not permit the same guard to work on two sites simultaneously. To earn his salary, each guard needs to work his own shifts. If he gives his tag to his buddy, his buddy will be paid for his shift. This prevents any opportunity for buddy clocking between staff.

What if the OnGuard system is offline when the guard clocks in? The transaction will be stored locally on the control unit until the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) signal is restored.

Phone-based Time and Attendance clocking

For sites where there is no OnGuard system in place, we offer clients mobile phone based Time and Attendance systems. The app runs on any Android phone that features a forward-facing camera.

When an employee starts work, he simply enters his PIN on the phone and the phone takes a snapshot of his face. The photo and the clock time is immediately uploaded to the OnGuard server.

Time sheets are drawn by logging into your administrative profile.

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