Stay Awake

How it works

Stay Awake turns itself on and off at specified and remotely adjustable times with an alert buzzer that keeps guards awake on duty. When the buzzer is activated, the guard must press the alert button to report he is awake. Stay Awake can also function as a ONE point patrol system. This means the guard must get up and walk to the nearest guard point to switch the buzzer off.

Should a Stay Awake buzzer time out, or if there is a power cut, an email alert or Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) notification is sent to the supervisor or control room.

Each Stay Awake patrol system reports to a secure off site server where daily reports are automatically dispatched to the relevant personnel. Stay Awake reports are easy to read and understand, providing detailed information which is readily available should there be a need to drill down further. Each guard and supervisor is uniquely identified on every report.

Remote configuration is key to the system and friendly and knowledgeable OnGuard helpdesk personnel can adjust the settings on your Stay Awake patrol system in moments

Each Stay Awake units can be monitored simultaneously from the same web interface and OnGuard can also provide reports on the efficiency of your control room staff.

Should you need to protect sensitive date from control room and administrative staff, different user levels and website access can be set up.

The OnGuard database allows you to upload new contacts or add to personnel information and instantly print identification cards. The OnGuard inbuild app enables the capture and upload of staff photographs to the server as well, making the process both seamless and easy to use.


  • Stay Awake features a panic button and an Inspector CALL button and can report on Inspector visits.
  • Stay Awake also functions as a Time and Attendance unit.
  • Stay Awake is powered by 220V (transformer to 16 VAC), with a built-in Lithium battery

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