Security Estate Access control

Identiscan is a unique system that facilitates the entry and exit of Visitors, Residents and domestic staff. There are many systems competing in the same arena but Identiscan is the only system which covers all bases.  Our combined experience of 100 years of hardware and software development sets us apart from our competitors. Our systems are tested in-house in our own security company. Because we  “eat” what we “Produce” we make sure the meal is perfect in every way.  Did you know that Identiscan has these features?

Domestic workers can be enrolled on the handheld devices and ID cards can then be ordered online?

Residents can issue tokens for “one-time” use by guests. This convenient feature alleviates the pressure on the guard at the gate as he does not need to phone ahead for permission for the guest to enter. The guest simply shows the guard the Token and then Voila! the boom opens.

And to add to this, the Resident then gets instant notification of the arrival of the guest. Also, the resident gets a photograph of the driver of the car. This is an important security feature.

The opening of the boom or gate is controlled directly from the handheld device directly by our bespoke, in-house developed Bluelock receiver. No other product on the market can do this. Why is this so important?  The reason is that the guard is only able to open the gate from the Identiscan handheld terminal. All Openings are recorded and as such the guard cannot let his buddies in without following due process.

Our handheld device can be tracked. Yes, if the guard loses it, we will be able to tell you where it is and when it was last used and by whom it was used.

We count the number of passengers in the car and let you know the discrepancies on exit.

We tally the contractors on-site and let you know which contractors have not left by the stipulated time.

We allow the guard to phone a pre-populated residents list directly off the Identiscan terminal.

We alert estate management if a wanted stolen car is recorded entering the estate.

Bar code scanning is an important aspect of driver’s license and VIN number windshield license disc scanning. For it to be done quickly regardless of the lighting condition, a 2D laser scanner must be used. Cheaper products use the camera on the phone to read the data. This is slow and infuriates visitors.  Goedkoop is Duurkoop.

The POPI Act is very clear on the penalties which can be imposed if data is not stored correctly.

We are POPI compliant.

Choose Identiscan, You won’t be sorry.

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