Guard Rostering

Guard Rostering is a security guard tracking system that helps you to schedule and seamlessly assign staff across multiple sites and locations for efficient, cost-effective shift schedules and bottom-line returns.

Efficient and accurate guard rostering eliminates expensive overtime and prevents duplicate scheduling of staff within your guard patrol management system. OnGuard’s Guard Rostering is a free add on rostering module that allows you to schedule your staff across multiple locations without the need to download or install any software since the service is web based.

With Guard Rostering’s seamless online integration, you can view all your staff’s leave records and sick leave records in one secure place and identify the most efficient shift patterns with which to roster and post the correct grade of guard to site.

Guard Rostering will assist you to discover irregularities in excessive overtime hours worked, non-productive time, permissible shift cycles and allocations of correct guard grades to client security sites as well as follow up support in determining the correct wage allocations to be made at the end of the month.

Efficient shift patterning
Guard Rostering means that, taking the current wage determination in South Africa into account, you can find the most cost-effective shift pattern for each guard patrol site. What is an efficient shift pattern? One that can place the correct guard, on the correct site, for the correct number of hours within the standard four shifts on, two shift off guarding schedule.

Have you ever had to crisis manage a client’s site where there are too few guards on the ground; meaning the existing guards must work overtime in order to meet the client’s requirements resulting in a negative effect on your wage costs?

Alternatively, you might have seen a situation where there are too many guards at a site, meaning you are carrying unnecessary costs in terms of basic wages, uniforms, provident funds, etc.

Cost-effective operational management
Guard Rostering streamlines your patrol management shift patterns so they no longer include overtime or non-productive time accumulated. Guard Rostering further assists you in assessing if you have a complement of excess or spare guards under each area’s operational control, that reflect staff that need to be used as relievers when guards go on leave or staff to take the place of guards that don’t arrive for work or who are sick during a specific shift.

Should you need to make any adjustment to your staff schedules, Guard Rostering allows you to make an instant change with just one click of a button.

Guard Rostering reduces your administrative overheads by rostering staff in perpetuity using information we may already have about your company, and without the need to duplicate tasks every month. For example, you may already be using the OnGuard Time and Attendance service which means the system knows who your staff are; all you need to do is allocate them to the relevant sites.

Once compiled, an efficient guard roster is easily managed and enacted by operational managers, dispersing the correct guards to the correct sites, thereby optimising your personal and maximising your profitability.

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