What is access control?

Have you ever considered why you fill a register when entering a Security Complex? Typically, a guard will hand an access register to you. You are asked to fill in a few arbitrary details such as your name, car registration, contact number and perhaps the details of the person you intend visiting.

What is Identiscan?

Bar codes are a system of recording data so that it may easily, quickly and securely be captured by a scanner. Bar codes that you may be familiar with are typically found at till point checkouts. These are 1D (one dimensional) bar codes. Identiscan has taken this technology and intergrated it into access control.

Why is this an advantage?

The first level of access control is to ensure the identity of the person and vehicle is accurate. The 2D barcode, when decoded, results in text and a picture appearing on the hand held scanner.

           Demonstration LOG IN credentials  :   User Name = IDENTITY and   Password  = 1234