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Benefits of using identiscan

Manual Visitor Record books are ineffective as the information is inaccurate and mostly illegible.
The typical visitor book is not PoPI compliant. The solution to these problems is IDENTISCAN.

Visitor Identity is crucial to the effective security of an estate or complex.

Identiscan’s electronic visitor management system (EVMS) is the answer to this problem.All data is encrypted and stored offsite on a secure server. The Guard, using the Identiscan scanner, is correctly identified by his own fingerprint before he can collect data. This security feature ensures accountability for the Scanner as well as allocating the access record to the specific guard. No longer can a staff member say “It wasn’t me who let the visitor in”.

Electronic visitor logs can be emailed daily to management in order that visitor patterns can be analysed and suspicious tendencies identified. A web portal is provided for remote log in and data is searchable. For example, it is feasible to search by Vehicle make, model, colour, ID number, name etc.

Black and White listing of persons or vehicles is possible to alert Guards when the vehicle or persons ID or Drivers licence is scanned.

The biggest benefits of using Identiscan are :

  • Accuracy of information
  • Elimination of paper based access control registers
  • Improved speed of processing visitors and contractors
  • No Computer equipment required. Data stored offsite.
  • Automatic warnings of undesirables people / vehicles
  • Reporting

Management of the egress and exit to a complex can be improved if the manpower is correctly allocated. Identifying criteria such as traffic volumes and bottleneck times is easily accomplished by drawing reports.



Knowing volume of traffic through an entry or exit point is helpful in allocating resources.


How does it work?

Identiscan is a system which uses a hand held mobile terminal to scan the bar codes printed on drivers licences and MV licence disks.

A user definable list of questions is asked of each visitor entering the estate. To input these settings, the administrator logs on to the administration section in his profile and ticks the relevant boxes. Remotely being able to specify the questions that are asked by the hand held terminal has a cost and time saving benefit.

for example, ticking the box “get Identification No:” will result in the hand held device instructing the guard too scan the drivers licence like the one below.


As soon as the scanning process is completed, the data is transferred by either WIFI or GSM to the secure off-site server.

White Lists and Black lists.

To prevent undesirable people or vehicles from gaining access, the administrator captures the particulars on our internet website. The data is automatically uploaded to the mobile terminal and when the vehicle of persons ID or Drivers licence is scanned, the guard is warned.


Before the scanner can be operated, the guard needs to touch his finger on the fingerprint reader on the mobile terminal.
The guard’s name is now automatically attached to each record uploaded to the server.

The transaction forms an audit trail so that a guard may be disciplined if he errs in the data captured or negligently allows access despite being warned. In addition, the guard can be held responsible for damages to the mobile device.

The access record is now tied to the guard who’s identity is irrefutable. This fact alone encourages the guard to be more responsible in his duty when it comes to checking the validity of the licence and verifying that the type and make of car matches those displayed on the screen of the terminal.

Why is this an advantage?

Criminals usually do recky of a target in order to establish the viablity and risk associate with the planned activity.
Enrolling the use of Identiscan in your estate or complex significantly reduces the probabilty of crime as criminals avoid situtions where they can be properly identified. Since the scanner displays an electronically decoded image of the person, there is no way that a maniplulated driver’s licence can be used.

The vehicles particulars, namely colour, make and model are also decrypted from the licence disk thereby making it more difficult for the criminal to use false number plates to gain access. The Guard staff naturally need to be trained to compare the information provided by the scanner with that of the person and vehicle in question.



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